Our Approach

Starting up in North London in 2013, we aimed to reconfigure the medical landscape to create value.  The potential to do this was driven by developments in technology, particularly in webRTC as a protocol for webcam video chat and by changes in patients' expectations, especially with regard to convenience.

Our Mission

MedPerson is more than just a brand. It is a set of values, principles, and goals that drives the spirit of our company. The values are based on the Hippocratic Oath and are the bedrock of our organisational culture. They provide a set of norms, standards and guidance for our teams to follow.

The principles focus on how we strengthen, safeguard and grow our communities over time. Our video calls and webcam chats are secured with end-to-end encryption, meaning that no third party can listen to them. Behind every video consultation is our desire to treat patients in the 92 countries and territories that we serve, safely and with dignity.  We uphold social responsibility by undertaking actions that earn trust and respect from all stakeholders. We go to great lengths to operate with honour and high ethical standards.  We strive to make MedPerson a great place to work in. We demonstrate respect for the environment and try to make society better.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This is enterprise-wide and is built on our shared vision and values.  Our corporate social responsibility programme relies for its success on the commitment of our doctors to espouse our values. The outcome on MedPerson as a global brand, is that we take responsibility for the impact of our activities on our various constituencies, and in all corners of the world.  MedPerson has a clear vision of how business growth can deliver robust public health outcomes, in terms of reducing the burden of disease, promoting the social aspirations of underprivileged communities around the world and how this strategy feeds back into MedPerson through reputation and pride in what we do.

Echo Presentation

How Do Patients View Us?

As humane, supportive and trustworthy.