MedPerson.Net is the critical IT infrastructure that powers the network of MedPerson portals around the world.  It is cloud-based and uses end-to-end encryption for video calls and file exchange via webRTC.  This provides our global community of medical doctors with secure and reliable means of real-time communications with patients in an online environment that is both HIPAA-compliant for US-users and complies with the UK Data Protection Act 1998, as amended in 2018; and GDPR 2018 in Europe .

Our purpose is to give MedPerson doctors the tools that they need to provide medical consultation and advice to patients in remote locations who do not have ready access to a doctor or physician, or simply to people who find online consultation more convenient.

To get an opinion from a medical practitioner, you would be required to complete an online registration.  This will include your providing a brief medical history.

Caveat:  This service is not available for medical emergencies nor should it replace face-to-face consultation and physical examination with your regular doctor.  In case of medical emergencies please dial the appropriate emergency hotline in your country of residence to be connected to first responders.

Doctors By Specialty


The first time you use this platform, you will be required to confirm your submitted registration form by making a payment. This creates your medical file and entitles you to purchase other services.

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Routine Consultation

A consultation with a doctor, typically will last for 15 minutes.  During a consultation, the doctor may send a push notification to your phone, so please make sure your device is appropriately enabled. The supported internet browsers for this interaction are Chrome,  Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.  Our platform runs on WebRTC, which is a very secure and encrypted method of video chat. Your conversation with the doctor is peer-to-peer, so no one can listen in. The line is encrypted so your data is secure.



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Specialist Opinion

If you require a specialist opinion or your family doctor has referred you to a specialist, please select this option. There are specialist consultations in all clinical specialties on the MedPerson platform.  If unsure about the kind of specialist that you need to see, kindly go back to the Routine Medical Consult screen, and choose General Practice/Family Medicine.  Your family doctor will refer you to the appropriate specialist if they feel that a specialist opinion is required.

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We provide online clinics in multiple languages: